M1001 Series Digital Power Analyzers

Digital Power Analyzer

The M1001 Series from Adaptive Power Systems is a cost-effective harmonic power analyzer that is easy to use and provides excellent features.Designed using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing, this power analyzer supports gap-less measurement of voltage and current at sampling rates up to 409.6kHz. Multiple voltage and current ranges allow for optimal resolution and accuracy when making measurements providing support for a wide range of power test applications.

Unique test modes not found in run of the mill power analyzers in this price range include automated current inrush measurement using programmable On and Off phase angle settings thanks to an internal electronic switch. A minimum power measurements resolution of 0.1 picoWatt and 0.03W standby power integration mode support product testing for compliance with ENERGY STAR / IEC62301 standards.

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The M1001 offers common measurement capabilities like voltage, current, and power. Beyond that, it also offers several unique measurement modes and tests using an internal phase angle controlled, fast electronic switch. Standard functions include voltage, current and power measurements, current crest factor, power factor and frequency. Other functions are Harmonics, Vthd, Ithd, Standby current and Inrush current measurements.


M1001 Model
MODEL_____Vac RangeVdc RangeMax. Current (Iac)Max. Current (Idc)Input PowerHeightWeight (Kg/lbs)
M1001500 Vrms / 800Vpk800 Vdc20 Arns / 200 Apk20 Adc100 ~ 230Vac2U3.5 / 8.4


  • 6 Voltage Ranges up to ±800Vpk / 500Vrms
  • 18 Current Ranges up to ±200Apk / 20Arms
  • AC or DC Measurement Modes
  • Numeric and Graphical Data Display Modes
  • Voltage & Current Harmonics Measurements
  • VTHD and ITHD Measurements
  • Automatic Current Inrush Measurements with Programmable On and Off Phase Angles
  • Scope Display of Inrush Current Waveform
  • Energy Star / IEC62301 Compliant Standby Power Measurement mode
  • Query Vrms, Irms, Watts, Power Factor, VTHD and ITHD over remote control interface
  • Power ON/OFF Cycling with Programmable On and Off Phase Angles
  • Bench Use or 2U Height, 1/2 Rack Mount


Power Measurements

In METER MODE, measurement data can be displayed in either numeric or graphical format. Graphs display can show any combination of Voltage, Current and Watts using an oscilloscope display.

Download AC Measurements Application Note

Harmonic Analysis

Even and Odd Harmonics of the fundamental AC frequency for both voltage and current are measured up to the 50th harmonic and can be display in table or graphical formats.

Download AC Measurements Application_Note

Inrush Current Measurements

The internal electronic switch allows precise control over the voltage turn-on and turn-off phase angle allowing for the measurement of inrush current under various start phase angle conditions. Finding an EUT’s worst case inrush current is made easy and fast.

Download Inrush Current Measurement Application Note

Standby Power Measurements

Designing products with very low standby current is important to minimize waste. The standby power measurement mode of the M1001 allows certification to the ENERGY STAR / EN62301 standard.

Download Standby Power Measurement Application Note

Product Burn-in Data Logging

Data Logging is useful for recording test data or product burn-in runs. This mode allows recording of Vrms. Irms. Watt, PF, VTHD and ITHD to a comma delimited file which is easily imported into an Excel spreadsheet. Up to 256 recordings can be stored in internal memory.

Download Measurement Data Logging Application Note

Power On/Off Product Endurance Testing

Power On/Off cycling is used to turn-on behavior and turn-off behavior of a unit under test. This continuous power cycling of product under development or test can pinpoint design issues or quality issues by stressing components.

Download Power ON/OFF Cycling Application Note


Measurements Item Spec Unit
 AC & DC Power Range V range * I range Watts
 Accuracy ± 0.2% (Reading + Range) Watts
Power Factor Range ± 0.001 ~ 1.000
Accuracy ± 1.0% (Reading + Range) corresponds to V and I
Resolution 0.001
Frequency Range DC, 20 Hz ~ 1000 Hz Hz
Accuracy 0.1 Hz Hz
V/I Harmonics Range 1 ~ 50th Volts, Amps
Accuracy ± 0.5% (Reading + Range) Volts, Amps
V/I THD Range 0% ~ 255% %
Accuracy ± 0.5% (Reading + Range) %
Resolution 0.001 % %
Low Pass Filter 50 kHz Hz


M1001 Power Analyzer Front Panel
M1001 Power Analyzer Screen Samples
M1001 Power Analyzer Rear Panel
M1001 Power Analyzer Rack Mount Kit
M1001 Power Analyzer Test Fixture
M1001 Power Analyzer Test Fixture Rear Panel


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