3D Series AC & DC Loads


The 3D Series AC & DC loads consists of a single 3D018-18 AC and DC capable load model with support for up to 280Vac/400Vdc input voltages.

The 3D Series load uses an intuitive, modern user interface. Packaged in a compact 19” 4U chassis, the 3D018-18 load supports up to 1875W /1875VA or 1875W/3750 VA per chassis when equipped with the -EPF option. For higher power requirements, up to three 3D018-18 load scan be paralleled using their standard Master/Slave mode. Master/Slave configurations are controlled from the master front panel or remote control interface.  Rack mountable versions of the 3D018-18 with one master and two or three slaves are available as well for these power level requirements. The MODE Option allows automatic switching between 3P4W, 3P3W or 1P2W phase modes.

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The Adaptive Power 3D Series load is intended for medium to high power AC or DC test and product development applications in a wide range of industries. Input voltages up to 280Vrms in AC mode and 400Vdc in DC mode are supported. This load is particularly suited for testing AC Sources and DC/AC inverters. Their flexible V-I operating curves span range of voltage and current combinations at any given power level. The 3D018-18 has a low range mode for enhanced accuracy and resolution at lower voltage and current levels, further increasing their effectiveness.  This model includes application specific test modes for UPS testing, Battery Testing and PV Inverter testing to speed up production throughput.

The 3D018-18 supports up to 1875W and 1875VA per unit and can be paralleled to handle higher power requirements. An optional external  PF extender option (-EPF) increases Apparent power range from 1875VA to 3700VA.


MODELDESCRIPTIONMax Power (VA or W)Max Voltage (V) Std.Max Current (A)Rack Height
3D018-18AC&DC Electronic Load1875VA / 1875W280Vac / 400Vdc18.754U
3D018-18-EPFAC&DC Electronic Load3700VA / 1875W280Vac / 400Vdc18.754U


  • 1875W,  1875VA or 3750VA with -EPF option
  • Up to 5625VA/phase when paralleled
  • Voltage Ranges, 50 – 280Vac / 50 – 400Vdc
  • Frequency Range: DC, 40Hz ~ 70Hz
  • Current Ranges 18.75A rms, 46.875Apk
  • Unique TURBO mode doubles current & power for overload testing
  • High-Speed 5½  Digit Precision Metering Capability
  • Parallel Operation for High Power Applications
  • Three phase Delta & Wye Master mode support
  • MODE Option for 3 Phase Delta/Wye and Single Phase input switching
  • Operating Modes: Constant Current (CC), Linear Constant Current (LCC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Crest Factor (CF) control, Rectifier mode, RLC Mode
  • Leading and Lagging Power Factor (PF) 0.0 to ±1.0
  • Built-in Test Modes: UPS Efficiency, Transfer & Backup , PV Inverter, Battery, AC rectifier, Fuses, Inrush & Surge Current
  • Over Current Protection Test Mode
  • Over Power Protection Test Mode
  • Conventional and Linear CC Modes
  • LAN, USB, RS232 or GPIB Interfaces
  • CE Mark


Load Versatility

All APS 3D Series Loads are equipped with a large high brightness Fluorescent display and functional keyboard. This makes these load very user-friendly. Built in modes and capabilities cover a wide range of special load applications. Enhanced precision metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance compared to prior generation load models is standard.

AC Power Source Testing (AC Mode)

Elaborate testing of linear and switch mode AC Sources, DC/AC inverters or Frequency changers is made possible by flexible ranging and wide V-I operating curves found in all 3D Series APS loads. This supports extensive production test and burn-in of AC power supplies, UPS’s, PV inverters as well as fuse and breaker testing. Standard test modes for these types of tests are built-in the 3D load firmware so less programming and user involvement is required compared to traditional loads.

AC Power Source Design (AC Mode)

With built-in features like over current protection (OPC) test and over power protection (OPP) test and Power and Crest Factor control and non-sinusoidal waveform testing, new AC power source designs can be thoroughly evaluated against design specifications. An analog input mode allows arbitrary current waveforms to be applied to a unit under test.

AC-to-DC Converter and Power Supply Design  & Test (DC Mode)

The 3D Series load to double duty as fully capable DC loads as well so you are not stuck with wrong type load when it comes to testing AC/DC power supplies or DC/DC converter testing. (Not suitable for testing below 40Vac).

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing (DC Mode)

Using the DC load mode, specific discharge current levels can be set as a function of battery voltage. This allows characterization and performance testing of various battery chemistries.   Several AC/DC supplies and converters can be tested in DC mode as well. Special battery discharge protocols are built-in the load including SoC monitoring and timed discharges.


 4U Rack Mount Units
Model 3C018-18
Power Ranges 0 – 1875 VA/W
Current Ranges 0 – 18.75 A 46.875 Apk
Voltage Range 50-280 Vrms / 50-400 Vdc
Frequency DC, 40 – 70Hz  (CC,CP Mode) / DC – 70Hz (LIN,CR,CV Mode)
OPERATING MODES Constant Current (CC), Linear CC (LIN), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Power (CP)
PROTECTION Over Power (OP), Over Current (OC), Over Voltage (OV), Over Temperature (OT)
Lagging PF CF: √2 to 5.0. PF: – 0.00 to -1.00
Leading PF CF: √2 to 5.0. PF: + 0.00 to +1.00
Voltage Range 0 – 400 V
Current Range 0 – 9.375 Arms / 0 – 18.75 Arms
Power Range 0 – 1875 W
VA Range 0 – 1875 VA
Voltage Monitor ±500V / ±10V
Current Monitor ±56.25Apk / ±10Vpk
Dimensions (HxWxD) 177 x 440 x 558 mm
7.0″ x 17.3″ x 22.0″
Weight (Net, Module) 42 kg / 92.6 lbs


3D018-18 AC & DC Load
3D018-18 AC & DC Load
APS 3D018-18 ParallelSystem
APS 3D018-18 Parallel System
3D018-18 AC & DC Load Rear Panel
3D018-18 AC & DC Load Rear Panel
3D018-18 Extended PF Option
3D018-18 Extended PF Option


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