M2000 Series Digital Power Analyzers

Digital Power Analyzer

The M2000 Series precision power analyzers from Adaptive Power Systems consist of a four slot mainframe chassis that accommodates either AD type internal current shunt plug-in cards or AX type external CT or shunt cards. Any combination of cards can be used up to four total per chassis. For single phase applications, pro-configured standard single card models M2001D, M2001H or M2001X are available. For three phase power applications, the M2003D, M2003H or M2003X offer three channels.

Each card has separate, fully synchronized, 24-bit high-speed data acquisition hardware that conditions and captures voltage and current input signals and processes data into a broad range of measurements.

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Despite its breath of functions and features, the M2000 is simple to operate and provides an array of data display capabilities, taking full advantage of its high resolution color graphics display to present results in an optimal, easy to read and understand format.
For single applications, the M2001D is all you need up to 20Arms while the M2001H will support up to 30Arms. For multi-phase power applications, the M2003 models support Delta and Wye AC power configurations to measure all phase voltages, currents and power. Higher current requirements can use the M2001X or M2003X which support external current shunts.


M2000 Series Models
MODEL_____ChannelsVac RangeVdc RangeMax. Current (Iac)Max. Current (Idc)Input PowerHeight (mm/in)Weight (Kg/lbs)
M2001D11000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 Vdc20 Arns / 150 Apk20 Adc85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.2 / 7.0
M2001H11000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 Vdc30 Arns / 200 Apk30 Adc85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.2 / 7.0
M2001X11000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 VdcExt. CT or ShuntExt.85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.2 / 7.0
M2003D31000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 Vdc20 Arns / 140 Apk20 Adc85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.4 / 7.5
M2003H31000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 Vdc30 Arns / 200 Apk30 Adc85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.2 / 7.0
M2003X31000 Vrms / 1750Vpk1000 VdcExt. CTs or ShuntsExt.85 ~ 264Vac137 / 5.4"3.4 / 7.5
M2000Max.= 4
External Current Transducer Sources for use with External Shunt (X Type) Cards:
Pearson ElectronicswebsiteCurrent Transformers, Wideband, Clamp On
LEMwebsiteAC Rogowski Coils, Hall Effect, Current Transformers
Ohm-LabswebsitePrecision Current Shunts
RiedonwebsitePrecision Current Shunts


  • Affordable Accuracy, Bandwidth and Ease of Use
  • Large Color Touch Screen Operation
  • Multi-Channel Configurations
  • Internal Shunt or External Current Transducer Channel Cards
  • Extensive Measurement Functions to 1.25MHz:
    • Vac, Vdc, Vrms, Vac+dc, Iac, Idc, Irms, Iac+dc
    • Watts, VA, VAR, PF, CF
    • Voltage & Current Harmonics, Vthd, Ithd
  • Multiple Virtual Power Analyzer Configurations
  • Numeric and Graphical Displays
    • Scope View
    • Harmonics Bar Charts
    • Vector View
  • Energy Star / IEC62301 Compliant Standby Power Measurement mode
  • Ultra-quiet Fan-less Operation
  • Bench Use or 4U Height 19” Rack Mount


Large Color Touch Screen Operation

Front panel operation of the M2000 Power Analyzer is accomplished completely using its large touch-sensitive display. There are no buttons or dials to distract from the rich data displays provided to the user.

Power Measurements

The power data screen displays Frequency, Voltage, Current, Crest Factor, Power, VA, VAR and Power Factor data for any selected channel or group of channels. Up to three different channel groups can exist in a single M2000 power analyzer.

Harmonics Analysis

Harmonic Analysis is performed on each input of each channel configured to do so. There is no restriction on the number of channels configured for harmonic analysis other than max. available inputs (8). Up to 500 harmonics per channel can be analyzed.

Scope View Mode

The scope view display time domain information similar to a digital storage scope. Up to six signal can be displayed at once, each one having its own vertical scaling, offset and color. Common scope functions like timebase trigger level and trigger offset are user settable as well.

Vector View Mode

A polar chart graphically displays the fundamental voltage and current vectors for the selected channel or channel group. For multi-phase groups, the inter-phase voltages and non-measured neutral phase vectors are displayed. The user can enable the display of and select the color of each vector up to a maximum of 10.

Standby Power Measurements

Designing products with very low standby current is important to minimize waste. The standby power measurement mode of the M1001 allows certification to the ENERGY STAR / EN62301 standard.

Product Burn-in Data Logging

The M2000 features built in standby power testing in accordance to EN50564:2011 (replaces IEC62301) which can be started by the pressing the STBY POWER screen touch key.

Avionics & Defense Power Test

The high bandwidth and accuracy of the M2000 Series supports a wide range of defense and avionics measurement applications for 400Hz fixed frequency or 360Hz to 800Hz wild frequency electrical equipment. Special measurement modes are provided for common avionics power compliance test standards such as RTCA DO-160, Section 16 or Boeing 787B3-0147.

IEC 61000-3-2 & 61000-3-12 Harmonic Emissions Test

Products destined for Europe must meet Harmonics emissions limits as determined by harmonized standards IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-12. The M2000 can be used to check products during development for compliance so formal CE approval can be obtained more easily and less costly than finding problems later in the product development cycle.


Measurements Item Specification Unit
Voltage Base Accuracy 0.03% Rdg Volts
Resolution 0.1V Volts
Current Base Accuracy 0.03% Rdg
AC &DC Power Range V range * I range Watts
Accuracy ± 0.01% Rdg Watts
Frequency Range DC, 0.19 Hz ~ 80 kHz Hz
Accuracy ± 0.01% Hz
V/I Harmonics Range 1 ~ 500th Volts, Amps
Accuracy 0.006% + (0.004% + 0.028% * F) / PF Volts, Amps


APS M2000 PA Screen Front Panel View
APS M2000 PA Screen Scope View
APS M2000 PA Screen Standby Power
APS M2000 PA Screen Rear Panel View
APS M2000 PA Screen Harmonics
APS M2000 PA Screen Rack Mount Kit
APS M2000 PA AD Card
APS M2000 PA AD Card
APS M2000 PA Screen Vector Diagram


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