6RL Series Regenerative DC Loads


The 6RL Series Programmable DC Loads recover energy back to the grid for great cost-savings.

All 6RL loads share a common and intuitive user interface. The 6RL Series are highly efficient as they do not dissipate power into heat but rather recover most of the energy provided by  the unit under test back to the utility. This saves both energy costs and HVAC cooling costs.

There are 30 different 6RL Series models ranging from 3kW to 15kW per 3U chassis or 30kW for a 4U chassis. Models are available for either 208Vac or 480Vac grid connections. For higher power requirements, 6RL models can be paralleled easily. One 6RL MASTER load can be paralleled with up to 31 other 6RL DC Loads in SLAVE mode. All controls and total power and current measurement is done by the  MASTER load. Complete cabinet systems up to 1920kW Load are available.

Note that AC input power is universal so either 208Vac 3 phase or 400/480Vac 3 phase can be applied but max power rating is derated for 208Vac input as indicated in the MODELS tab table.

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Higher DC Voltage Applications


The Adaptive Power 6RL Series regenerative DC loads are intended for high power DC test and product development applications in a wide range of industries where energy efficiency and cost savings are important. The 6RL Series consists of models supporting voltages from 80Vdc to 2000Vdc and are well suited for testing large battery packs, high power AC/DC converters and energy storage systems found in Solar and Wind power applications. Their flexible V-I operating curves span range of voltage and current combinations at high power levels. All 6RL Series models are regenerative, returning 92% of the power absorbed from the unit under test back to the grid.  All HP Models accept 208Vac to  480Vac three phase universal input voltage.

The 6RL Series consists of a total of 14 models. All units are housed in a 3U (5.25″) 19 inch rack mount chassis except the 30kW loads which are 4U tall. For higher power application, up to 32 DC loads can be paralleled in a MASTER/SLAVE configuration requirements up to 1080kW.

For power requirements higher than 30kW, refer to the high power master/slave cabinet systems.


3kW or 5kW Models, 208Vac ~ 480Vac AC Input
MODEL_________DESCRIPTIONMAX POWER (W)MAX VOLT (V)MAX CURR (A)Resistance (Ω)Efficiency (%)
6RL5-170-80HPRegen. DC Load5000 / (3000)801700.016 ~ 2694.5
6RL5-70-200HPRegen. DC Load5000 / (3000)250700.1 ~ 16094.5
6RL5-40-360HpRegen. DC Load5000 / (3000)360400.3 ~ 52095.5
6RL5-30-500HPRegen. DC Load5000 / (3000)500300.6 ~ 100095.5
6RL5-20-750HPRegen. DC Load5000 / (3000)750201.2 ~ 220095.5
6kW or 10kW, 208Vac ~ 480Vac AC Input
MODEL_________DESCRIPTIONMAX POWER (W)MAX VOLT (V)MAX CURR (A)Resistance (Ω)Efficiency (%)
6RL10-340-80HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)803400.008 ~ 1394.5
6RL10-140-200HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)2001400.05 ~ 8094.5
6RL10-80-360HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)360800.15 ~ 26095.5
6RL10-60-500HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)500600.3 ~ 50095.5
6RL10-40-750HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)750400.6 ~ 110095.5
6RL10-30-1000HPRegen. DC Load10000 / (6000)1000301.2 ~ 200095.5
6RL10-20-1500HPRegen DC Load10000 / (6000)1500202.6 ~ 450095.5
9kW or 15kW, 208Vac ~ 480Vac AC Input
MODEL_________DESCRIPTIONMAX POWER (W)MAX VOLT (V)MAX CURR (A)Resistance (Ω)Efficiency (%)
6RL15-510-80HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)805100.02 ~ 2594.5
6RL15-210-200HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)2002100.033 ~ 5094.5
6RL15-120-360HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)3601200.1 ~ 18095.5
6RL15-90-500HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)500900.16 ~ 34095.5
6RL15-60-750HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)750600.4 ~ 74095.5
6RL15-40-1000HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)1000400.8 ~ 130095.5
6RL15-30-1500HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)1500302.5 ~ 300095.5
6RL-15-20-2000HPRegen. DC Load15000 / (9000)2000203.5 ~ 530095.5
18kW or 30kW, 208Vac ~ 480Vac AC Input
MODEL_________DESCRIPTIONMAX POWER (W)MAX VOLT (V)MAX CURR (A)Resistance (Ω)Efficiency (%)
6RL30-1000-80HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)8010000.003 ~ 594
6RL30-420-200HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)2004200.0165 ~ 2594.2
6RL30-240-360HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)3602400.05 ~ 9094.6
6RL30-180-500HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)5001800.08 ~ 17095.3
6RL30-120-750HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)7501200.2 ~ 37095.5
6RL30-80-1000HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)1000800.4 ~ 65094.6
6RL30-60-1500HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)1500600.8 ~ 150095.3
6RL30-40-2000HPRegen. DC Load30000 / (18000)2000401.7 ~ 270095.5
High Power Load Cabinets 480Vac
24USingle Cabinet60 to 12080 ~ 20004000 @ 30Vdc380V ~ 480V 3ø24U
42USingle Cabinet120 to 24080 ~ 20008000 @ 30Vdc380V ~ 480V 3ø42U
Dual 42UTwo Cabinetsup to 30080 ~ 150010200380V ~ 480V 3ø42U
Tripple 42UThree Cabinetsup to 45080 ~ 150015300380V ~ 480V 3ø42U
Data shown for:15kW3U models


  • Energy recovery of the supplied DC energy into the local grid reduces utility bills and air conditioning costs
  • Galvanically isolated DC input
  • Input power ratings: up to 18 kW per unit for 208V grid input and up to 30 kW per unit for 480V grid input.
  • Parallel operation up to 450 kW
  • Input voltages: up to 1500 V
  • Input currents: up to 510 A per unit
  • FPGA based digital control
  • Large color TFT touch panel display
  • User profiles, true function generator
  • Galvanically isolated analog and USB interface
  • Extra USB port on the front for USB memory stick
  • Optional, digital, plug & play interfaces
  • GPIB interface option available on 3U models only
  • SCPI command set and ModBus support
  • Available models for 208 V or 480 V AC Grid connection


Energy Recovery

The APS 6RL Series provide near total energy recovery of power absorbed by the load during test. This saves on both utility bills for electrical power as well as cooling HVAC costs.  It also allows testing of units using a much smaller grid service than would be required when using conventional resistive or electronic loads.  These cost savings quickly add up to pay for the cost of the 6RL loads in no time flat.

Load Versatility

All APS 6RL Series Loads are equipped with a powerful DSP and large touch sensitive color TFT display. Simple to operate, these DC loads provide capabilities that cover a wide range of load applications. Precision metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance is standard.

Power Supply Testing

Elaborate testing and burn-in of linear and switch mode AC/DC power supplies is made possible by flexible ranging and wide V-I operating curves found in all 6RL Series DC loads. This supports high throughput production test and burn-in of small and large AC/DC power supplies.

Power Supply Design

With built-in features like over current protection (OPC) test and over power protection (OPP) test and dynamic constant current waveform testing, new power supply designs can be thoroughly evaluated against design specifications. An built-in programmable function generator allows user defined current profiles to be applied to a unit under test as well.

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing

Time sequencing of specific discharge current levels as a function of battery voltage allows characterization and performance testing of various battery chemistries. The high current resolution and accuracy of the 6RL Series loads combined with their energy recovery capabilites supports testing of large EV mobility batteries. MASTER/SLAVE parallel configurations up to 480kW are available.

Solar Panel Loading

The maximum power point tracking function of the 6RL  DC loads simulate the behavior of a solar inverter allowing solar panel testing under a variety of conditions.


Common Specifications for all models
MODEL All Models   MODEL All Models
AC Input   Environmental
Input Voltage 208VLL~ 480VLL
Pollution Degree 2
 Max. Power derated to 60% @208Vac input Protection Class 1
Frequency 45~66 Hz Cooling Forced air, temperature controlled fans
Temperature              Operating 0~50 °C / 32~122 °F
DC Voltage Mode                                               Storage -20~70 °C / -4~158 °F
Accuracy < 0.3% of F.S. Relative humidity < 80%, non-condensing
DC Current Mode   Altitude                       Operating < 2000 m (1.242 mi)
Accuracy < 0.4% of F.S. Front Panel
Load regulation 0-100% ΔVdc < 0.15% of F.S. Display Color Touch Screen Graphics LCD
Slew rate 10-90% < 300 usec Controls Dual Rotary Digital Encoders
DC Power Mode Output on/off Push Button
Accuracy < 1.5% of F.S. Digital Interfaces
Resistance Mode   Internal 1x USB type B for communication, 1x GPIB (optional)
Accuracy ≤ 1% of max. resistance + 0.3% of rated current Interface Slot 1x for retrofittable plug-in modules
Protection OT, OVP, OCP, OPP, PF Analog Interfaces
Parallel Operation Master-slave, up to 32 units Internal Built-in, 15 pole D-Sub (female), galvanically isolated
Regulatory Standards   Signal range  0~5 V or 0~10 V (selectable)
EN 60950:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011 + AC:2011 + A2:2013 Inputs V, I, P, R, remote control on-off, DC output on-off, resistance mode on-off
EN 61000-6-3:2011-09, EN 61000-6-4:2011-09 Radiation Class B Outputs V, I, overvoltage, alarms, reference voltage
EN 50160:2011-02 Grid Class 2 Accuracy V / I / P / R 0~10 V: < 0.2%, 0~5 V: < 0.4%
  Dimensions (W x H x D)
3U Models 19” x 5.25” x 26.4”
483 x 133 x 670 mm
 4U Models 19” x 7” x 26.4”
483 x 178 x 670 mm


6RL Series Regenerative DC Load
6RL Series Regenerative DC Load


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