NEW CPS100 Series
AC & DC Power Sources
LEARN MORE Advanced, Programmable, Single Phase Power Sources. CPS100 Series
DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads Advanced Power Test Solutions LEARN MORE Adaptive Power Systems offers a wide range of programmable AC Sources, DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads. With local sales, support and service centers around the world, we are ready to serve your power test needs. Our customers always come first! Loads New 3C Series AC and DC Loads LEARN MORE New range of Medium to high power AC and DC capable electronic loads with support for up to 350Vac and 500Vdc input voltages. 1875VA/W to 22,500VA/W. Built-in UPS, PV Inverter, Battery and AC rectifier test modes. APS Model 1020 Frequency Converter High Power AC Frequency Changers
for Burn In and Test
LEARN MORE Find out how affordable it can be to configure AC power test systems for your product test needs using APS Frequency Changers. Available in single or three phase output modes to power levels of up to 180KVA.
APS DCB Series Regenerative DC Supply + Load 30kW High Power Density DC Sink/Source
DC Power Energy Recycling, 5kW to 30kW Models
LEARN MORE Color touch screen operated, the DCB Series DC Power Supplies can source power but also sink power with energy recovery to the AC grid. NOW available at power levels up to 30kW in 4U Rack Height, 2000Vdc Voltage Ranges and 1000A current Ranges.
AC Sources & Frequency Converters

Our AC Power Sources frequencies and voltages found around the world and in military avionics/shipboard applications, accept multiple frequency and voltage inputs, offer fully adjustable output frequency and a very broad adjustable voltage range that permits the duplication of worldwide utility configurations.

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Electronic Loads

Adaptive Power Systems offers an extensive line of programmable electronic loads for DC and AC load applications in R&D, ATE and Production. Our loads offer leading edge features and capabilities for a wide range of voltage, current and power needs. Available in power levels starting at 150W all the way to100’s kW. Easy front panel operation and GPIB, USB and LAN interfaces support both Lab and ATE.

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DC Power Supplies

Great selection of programmable DC Power Supplies up to 480kW with voltage ranges up to 1500Vdc. Regenerative models source & sink dc current using energy recovery to the grid.

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Power Analyzers

Precision single or multi-phase digital power analyzers

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DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
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Testing Electric Vehicle Battery Packs

The high demands placed on large battery packs for hybrid and full electric vehicles requires testing using an advanced electronic DC load. The APS 5VP Series of high-power, programmable DC loads addresses the growing for high speed dynamic transient load testing of large batteries. Supporting five different built-in battery test profiles and power levels up to 60KW per chassis, the 5VP Series is unmatched for these applications. For higher power needs, multiple 5VP Series loads can be used in Master/Slave parallel mode. Battery packs to 1000 Vdc are supported.

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  • Design & Test

    We can tailor our products or combine them into application specific power test system to meet your test needs without breaking the bank. LEARN MORE >

  • Aviation & Defense

    Adaptive Power Loads offer a wide selection of both AC and DC Loads for avionics power test applications. LEARN MORE >

  • Power Conversion

    Adaptive Power Systems has been supplying high power, reliable solid state frequency converters for many years. LEARN MORE >

  • Alternative Energy

    Adaptive Power Systems stands at the ready to meet your product development and test needs in all areas of power delivery and load. LEARN MORE >