Alternative Energy


Wind and Solar power hold great promise for energy independence and renewable and sustainable solution to the world growing energy needs. They all have in common that they rely heavily on power conversion and energy storage requirements. After all, the wind and the sun cannot be counted on when needed.

The system in use today and under development for the future have to provide reliable and energy efficient operation for decades on use. This requires rigorous product development, test and burn-in before deployment. A combination of AC Source, AC Load and DC Loads surrounds the solar and wind inverters. With one of the largest selections of power test products available today, Adaptive Power Systems stands at the ready to meet your product development and test needs in all areas of power delivery and load.


While still a small percentage of the fleet in most parts of the world, Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and full Electric Vehicles (EV) continue to gain market shares as costs decreases and range increases. New promising battery chemistries current under development promise to further push these transportation solutions to the foreground. Developing, producing and testing the high power electric drive train and battery packs of such vehicles requires a wide range of AC and DC capable AC power products and DC Loads, all of which Adaptive Power Systems offers. The same applies to EV charging stations which are utility connected and must meet regulatory standards that require certification testing.

Contact Adaptive Power Systems with any of your HEV or EV power design and test needs. Adaptive Power Systems’ Application Engineers are available to discuss your AC or DC Power and Load requirements and to help in selecting the right products for your application.