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Historically, aerospace power has been 400Hz rather than utility frequencies of 50Hz or 60Hz. Higher power frequencies considerably reduce weight of magnetic components which contributes to fuel savings. As a result, frequency conversion is a key requirement for powering avionics equipment during repair, testing and calibration when only 50 or 60Hz utility power is available in a depot or workshop. Adaptive power has been supplying solid state frequency converters for these and other aerospace applications for many years. With just the right combination of power, features and price, Adaptive power AC frequency converters are widely used as source of power for airborne and shipboard equipment.

Modern Aircraft systems typically require 115Vac L-N single phase or 115 / 208Vac L-L three phase voltage between 360Hz and 800Hz frequency. This approach is known as ‘wild’ frequency and simplifies mechanical complexities of engine powered electrical generators that are now able to allow the frequency to vary with engine speed. Today there are a number of both Aerospace AC and DC power standards which both commercial and military aircraft systems have to comply.


With the increasing demand for power onboard airplanes, both commercial and military, high voltage DC power bus distribution systems are starting to appear in the new airplanes. This is in addition to traditional 14Vdc or 28Vdc power delivery systems. Powering up this equipment requires stable and well regulated DC power supplies during development and production test. Adaptive Power systems CFS Series programmable AC and DC power sources offer models with voltage and current outputs that support avionics equipment.


Developing reliable avionics power conversion and control equipment is a demanding task that requires good test equipment to validate and test the final product. Adaptive Power Loads meet this requirement by offering a wide selection of both AC and DC Loads for avionics power test applications.

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