DC Load GUI Software

Programmable DC Load Control Software

The APS DC Load GUI provides control of any Adaptive Power Electronic DC load from a Windows PC.

This allows computer control of all load functions and measurements without having to write any code. An interactive command line and command scripting utility screen is included in the DC Load Gui to allow easy execution of repetitive tasks with command text files. For modular multi-channel loads, the APS DC Load GUI can support up to eight channels.

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DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads


The ADAPTIVE POWER SYSTEMS DC Load GUI control software provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to take full control of all DC load functions and settings over any of the available remote control interfaces using a Windows computer. Using a visual representation of the actual front panel layout and operation of the load, this Windows software adds convenient data entry using a PC keyboard and mouse. The larger screen available on PC’s also provides multiple read outs and enhanced data displays compared to front panel operation.


  • Control all Load Settings and Functions
  • Retrieve, Display and Store Measurement Data
  • Strip Chart display of all Load Measurements
  • Supports all APS DC Load Models
  • Save Setups for Quick Recall
  • Create, Save, Edit and Execute Auto Test Sequences
  • Develop Test Sequences Off-Line for later use
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11 Compatible
  • Multi-threaded Data Collection to Tab Delimited Text Files
  • Supports USB,  RS232, GPIB and LAN Interfaces
  • Built-in Simulation Mode
  • Simulation Mode Includes DC Supplies


Software Control


DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
Modular DC Load Main Control Screen
DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
Visual Data Logging Screen
DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
Individual Load Module Control Screen


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