Power Analyzers

Our line of Digital Power Analyzers offers excellent measurement performance and value for power applications

Available in single channel form or as a four slot mainframe, APS Power Analyzers provide precision power measurements for AC and or DC power measurement requirements. They are a perfect compliment to our AC Source and DC Power Supplies as the offer higher accuracy and resolutions that typically found in T&M power conversion equipment.

The single channel, compact M1001 Digital Power Analyzer offers simple operation, both internal or external shunt operation and no less than 18 current range and 6 voltage ranges, ensuring optimal resolution and accuracy at any voltage, current and power combination. Special features not found in other power analyzers include an electronic, phase controlled switch that facilitates phase specific inrush current measurements as well as product life-time power cycling testing.

The multi-channel M2000 Series Precision Power Analyzers offer 0.03% base accuracy, a large touch sensitive color LCD for easy operation and a rich feature set.  From one to four channel cards can be installed in the M2000 mainframe to support single, split and three phase AC power applications.  The unique virtual power analyzer modes supported by the M2000 Series allow multiple power input and output EUT connections to be analyzed using a single power analyzer.

Can’t decide which power analyzer is the best solution for you? Contact us by phone or email to discuss your application requirements with one of our power specialist.