DCS Series DC Power Supplies

Programmable DC Power Supplies

Look no further for powerful yet cost effective DC power test solutions than the compact DCS Series programmable DC power supplies from Adaptive Power Systems.  Designed using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing, these power supplies support a wide range DC tests with excellent performance and reliability. The DCS units are versatile power sources with a auto-ranging constant power V-I output profile that offers both higher voltage and high current from a single model.

Available in three power levels of 5kW , 10kW or 15kW, there are seven voltage range models up to 1500Vdc and max. current per 3U chassis of 510Adc. Available with either 208 Vac or 380 ~ 480 Vac three phase AC input.
Master/ Slave mode for series or parallel operation available for higher voltage and or power requirements.

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The DCS Series of precision DC power Supplies uses state of the art field programmable logic array (FPGA) technology to implement a digital power conversion topology that combines high efficiency with a rich feature set and excellent specifications. This results in 16-bit resolution precision for both set points and measurements throughout.
Packaged in a compact, standard 19” rack mount chassis, these powerful functions are easily accessible through an easy to use, large color touch screen based user interface from the front panel or by sending commands over one of several available digital control interfaces.

All DCS models are equipped with a flexible auto-ranging output stage which provides higher output voltage at lower output current, or higher output current at lower output voltage, always controlled by the adjustable power set value . Therefore, a wide range of applications can be covered by the use of just one DCS model. This also greatly reduces the need for 20 different voltage/current combination models as is typical for conventional DC power supplies.

The DCS Series power sources are reliable and cost effective solutions for all of your DC power design and test needs!

For power requirements higher than 15kW, refer to the high power master/slave cabinet systems.


5kW Models
DCS80-170500080170208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U18 / 39.7
DCS200-70500020070208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U18 / 39.7
DCS360-40500036040208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U18 / 39.7
DCS500-30500050030208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U18 / 39.7
DCS750-20500075020208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U18 / 39.7
10kW Models
DCS80-3401000080340208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
DCS200-14010000200140208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
DCS360-801000036080208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
DCS500-601000050060208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
DCS750-401000075040208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
DCS1000-3010000100030208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U25 / 55.1
15kW Models
DCS80-5101500080510208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS200-21015000200140208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS360-12015000360120208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS500-901500050090208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS750-601500075060208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS1000-4015000100040208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
DCS1500-3015000150030208V - 3ø380V ~ 480V - 3ø3U31 / 68.3
High Power Cabinet Systems
24U30 to 9080 ~ 15003060n/a380V ~ 480V - 3ø24U1
42U105 to 15080 ~ 15005100n/a380V ~ 480V - 3ø42U1
Dual 42Uup to 30080 ~ 150010200n/a380V ~ 480V - 3ø42U2
Tripple 42Uup to 45080 ~ 150015300n/a380V ~ 480V - 3ø42U3


  • Output voltage ranges from 80 V up to 1500 V
  • Constant Power Auto-ranging Voltage/Current profile
  • Current: 30 A up to 510 A, parallelable for higher current
  • Output power 5, 10 or 15 kW per 3U chassis, expandable up to 450 kW
  • High overall efficiency up to 95.5% saves on energy cost
  • Three phase input voltage 208Vac or wide range 380~480Vac
  • Active Power Factor Corrected AC input
  • Flexible, precisely regulated output power stages
  • Various protection circuits (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP)
  • Intuitive TFT touch panel with display of settings, read-backs, status and notifications
  • Remote sensing with automatic open sense detection
  • Galvanically isolated analog interface and USB port
  • Integrated function generator
  • Photovoltaic array simulation, including EN 50530
  • Internal resistance simulation and regulation
  • Output Voltage Discharge circuit (Vout < 60 V in ≤ 10 s)
  • Optional, digital interface modules or GPIB interface
  • SCPI commands and ModBus RTU (optional: ModBus TCP) support


DC Test Power

The DCS Series programmable Power Sources use state-of-the-art DSP technology to provide stable and accurate output, regardless of AC input line conditions. careful filtering and digital power controls ensure class leasing output noise levels at these power levels.  The large TFT touch screen supports all user interactions with the help of just two rotary knobs. A decimal keypad pop-up allows direct entry of parameters as well.  Both output setting and measurements can be displayed on the display in large fonts, visible from a distance if needed.

Telecom Power Converter Test and Burn-in

The wide operating range of the DCS power supplies, make possible by their auto-ranging output is ideal for testing modern DC/DC converters that can accept a wide range of DC input voltages.  Since the same DCS model can support low voltage at high current as well as high voltage at low current, there is longer any  need to oversize the DC supply used. This results in significant cost savings.

Battery Forming

With its high power density and programming battery charging profiles, the DCS series can be used for forming large batteries up to 1500Vdc. When combined with APS’s 6RL series of regenerative DC loads, a cost effective complete battery test system can be configured using the Master/Slave mode of both units.

Product Development and Test

With the ability to provide programmable over-voltage, over-current and over-power, the DCS power supply can safely be used to power up early prototypes without feat of  losing time or money due to scarce prototype failure.

PV Inverter Testing

With models available to 1500Vdc output, a wide assortment of photo-voltaic inverters can be tested by replacing actual PV panels and light sources with a programmable DC power supply. The built-in function generator of the DCS can be used to simulate a wide range of PV characteristics including ISC, UOC, UMPP, IMPP and Irradiance.

Avionics Power

Capable of supporting 28Vdc and ±270Vdc (using 2 units in master/slave series), the DCS Series is a good choice for testing DC power avionics products as well.


5kW Models
MODEL DCS80-170 DCS200-70 DCS360-40 DCS500-30 DCS750-20
Voltage Range 0~80 V 0~200 V 0~360 V 0~500 V 0~750 V
Current Range 0…170 A 0…70 A 0…40 A 0…30 A 0…20 A
CP V-I Range 29.4V@170A ~ 80V@62.5A 71.4V@70A ~ 200V@25A 125V@40A ~ 360V@13.9A 166.7V@30A ~ 500V@10A 250V@20A ~ 750V@6.7A
Voltage Ripple <200 mVpp
<16 mVrms
<300 mVpp
<40 mVrms
Current Ripple <80 mArms <22 mArms <18 mArms <16 mArms <16 mArms
Insulation -DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±725 Vdc ±725 Vdc ±1500 Vdc ±1500 Vdc
Insulation +DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±1000 Vdc ±1000 Vdc ±1800 Vdc ±1800 Vdc
Power Range 0~5000 W 0~5000 W 0~5000 W 0~5000 W 0~5000 W
Efficiency 93% 95% 93% 95.5% 94%
Weight 18kg/39.7lbs 18kg/39.7lbs 18kg/39.7lbs 18kg/39.7lbs 18kg/39.7lbs
10kW Models
MODEL DCS80-340 DCS200-140 DCS360-80 DCS500-60 DCS750-40 DCS1000-30
Voltage Range 0~80 V 0~200 V 0~360 V 0~500 V 0~750 V 0~1000 V
Current Range 0…340 A 0…140 A 0~80 A 0~60 A 0~40 A 0~30 A
CP V-I Range 29.4V@340A ~ 80V@125A 71.4V@140A ~ 200V@50A 125V@80A ~ 360V@27.8A 166.7V@60A ~ 500V@20A 250V@40A ~ 750V@13.3A 333.3V@30A ~ 1000V@10A
Voltage Ripple <320mVpp
Current Ripple <160 mArms <44 mArms <35mArms <32mArms <32mArms <22mArms
Insulation -DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±725 Vdc ±725 V DC ±1500 V DC ±1500 V DC ±1500 V DC
Insulation +DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±1000 Vdc ±1000 V DC ±1800 V DC ±1800 V DC ±1800 V DC
Power Range 0~10000 W 0~10000 W 0~10000 W 0~10000 W 0~10000 W 0~10000 W
Efficiency 93% 95% 93% 95% 94% 95%
Weight 25kg/55.1lbs 25kg/55.1lbs 25kg/55.1lbs 25kg/55.1lbs 25kg/55.1lbs 25kg/55.1lbs
15kW Models
MODEL DCS80-510 DCS200-210 DCS360-120 DCS500-90 DCS750-60 DCS1000-40 DCS1500-30
Voltage Range 0~80 V 0~200 V 0~360 V 0~500 V 0~750 V 0~1000 V 0~1500 V
Current Range 0~510 A 0~210 A 0~120 A 0~90 A 0~60 A 0~40 A 0~30 A
CP V-I Range 29.4V@510A ~ 80V@187.5A 71.4V@210A ~ 200V@75A 125V@120A ~ 360V@41.7A 166.7V@90A ~ 500V@30A 250V@60A ~ 750V@20A 375V@40A ~ 1000V@15A 500V@30A ~ 1500V@10A
Voltage Ripple <320mVpp
Current Ripple <240 mArms <66 mArms <50 mArms <48 mArms <48 mArms <22 mArms <26 mArms
Insulation -DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±725 Vdc ±725 Vdc ±1500 Vdc ±1500 Vdc ±1500 Vdc ±1500 Vdc
Insulation +DC to PE ±400 Vdc ±1000 Vdc ±1000 Vdc ±1800 Vdc ±1800 Vdc ±1800 Vdc ±1800 Vdc
Power Range 0~15000 W 0~15000 W 0~15000 W 0~15000 W 0~15000 W 0~15000 W 0~15000 W
Efficiency 93% 95% 93% 95% 94% 95% 95%
Weight 31kg/68.3lbs 31kg/68.3lbs 30kg/66.1lbs 31kg/68.3lbs 31kg/68.3lbs 31kg/68.3lbs 31kg/68.3lbs
Common Specifications for all models
MODEL All Models   MODEL All Models
AC Input   Environmental
Input Voltage US 208 V models: 208VLL ±10%
Pollution Degree 2
US 480V models: 380VLL~ 480VLL
Protection Class 1
Frequency 45~66 Hz Cooling Forced air, temperature controlled fans
Power Factor > 0.99 Temperature              Operating 0~50 °C / 32~122 °F
DC Output – Voltage                                               Storage -20~70 °C / -4~158 °F
Accuracy < 0.1% of F.S. Relative humidity < 80%, non-condensing
Load regulation 0-100% < 0.05% of F.S. Altitude                       Operating < 2000 m (1.242 mi)
Line regulation ±10% ΔVac < 0.02% of F.S. Front Panel
Response Time 10-100% load < 2 msec Display Color Touch Screen Graphics LCD
Slew rate 10-90% < 30 msec Controls Dual Rotary Digital Encoders
Overvoltage protection Adjustable, 0~110% Vnom Output on/off Push Button
No load discharge time on DC off 100% V to < 60 V, less than 10 sec Digital Interfaces
DC Current   Internal 1x USB type B for communication, 1x GPIB (optional)
Accuracy < 0.2% of F.S. Interface Slot 1x for retrofittable plug-in modules
Load regulation 0-100% ΔVdc < 0.15% of F.S. Analog Interfaces
Line regulation ±10% ΔVac < 0.05% of F.S. Internal Built-in, 15 pole D-Sub (female), galvanically isolated
DC Power   Signal range  0~5 V or 0~10 V (selectable)
Accuracy < 1.0% of F.S. Inputs V, I, P, R, remote control on-off, DC output on-off, resistance mode on-off
Overvoltage category 2 Outputs V, I, alarms, reference voltage, status
Protection OT, OVP, OCP, OPP, PF Accuracy V / I / P / R 0~10 V: < 0.2%, 0~5 V: < 0.4%
Insulation   Dimensions (W x H x D)
AC input to enclosure 2500 Vdc 208Vac Input Models

19” x 5.25” x 26.9”

483 x 133 x 683 mm

AC input to DC output 2500 Vdc 480Vac Input Models

19” x 5.25” x 26.4”

483 x 133 x 670 mm

DC output to enclosure (PE) Model specific. See model tables
Parallel Operation Master-slave, up to 32 units
Regulatory Standards EN 61010, EN 61000-6-2:2016-05 and IEC 61000-6-3:2011-09 Class B



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