CFS100 Series AC and DC Power Sources

Single Phase Programmable AC and DC Power Sources

The CFS100 Series programmable AC or DC output power sources are cost effective source of power for development, test and production applications requiring anywhere from 800VA or less to 4000VA of single phase AC or DC output.

This series consists of three models, CFS108, CFS116 and CFS140. All models share a modern PWM switch mode design for optimal performance and efficiency. These units are excellent source for 50, 60 or 400 Hertz for export product testing as well as testing DC powered equipment.

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The CSF100 Series programmable AC and DC output power sources are easy to use instruments which provide precisely controlled frequency and voltage conversion. The frequency can be adjusted from 40 to 500 Hertz for applications such as the testing of military/avionics equipment or for the operation of 400 Hertz electronics that are onboard an aircraft or a military vessel. The adjustable frequency band in conjunction with the dual voltage ranges of 0-150 volt or 0-300 volt as well as DC test capability provides full capabilities for testing and operating electronics deployed worldwide.

Setup and operation of the CFS100 Series is easy. The large LCD display and simple front panel controls allows users to vary voltage and frequency using the shuttle or by entering a value directly using the decimal keypad. The LCD displays readouts for frequency, voltage, current, peak current, crest factor, power, apparent power and power factor.

The CFS100 Series power sources are a reliable and cost effective solutions for all of your single phase AC power and DC power needs!


CFS10880040-500150/3009.2/4.6200/4004.6/2.3120V or 230V2U19/42
CFS116160040-500150/30018.4/9.2200/4009.2/4.6208V or 230V2U30.8/68
CFS140400040-500150/30036.8/18.4200/40018.4/9.2208V or 230V5U64.8/143


  • Programmable AC or DC Voltage, Dual Range
  • Programmable Frequency
  • Current and Power Limit Protection
  • Intuitive Front Panel Operation
  • Measurement readouts for Frequency, Voltage, Current, Peak Current, Current Crest Factor, Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor all at once
  • Low Voltage Distortion
  • High Crest Factor and Peak Current Capability
  • Up to 0-300 VAC Direct Coupled Out
  • Up to 400VDC output
  • 40-500 Hz Full Power Bandwidth
  • USB & RS232 Interfaces Standard
  • LAN Option
  • CE Mark


AC or DC Test Power

The CFS100 Series Power Sources are equipped with a powerful microcontroller to create a stable and accurate output, regardless of AC input line conditions. It can be programmed to supply a variety of AC or DC power conditions to the device under test and meters all output parameters.

Frequency/Voltage Conversion

The CFS100 Series is an excellent source of stable AC voltage over a frequency range of 40 to 500 Hz. The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to 300 VAC are provided.

Export/Import Product Development and Test

With the ability to provide any single phase voltage and frequency combination found around the world, the CFS100 Series is a great choice for evaluating AC power input supplies for worldwide use.

DC Testing

The CFS100 Series includes a DC output mode that allows for development or testing of DC powered products up to 400 Vdc. Current and power limit are available in DC mode as well.

Avionics Power

Whenever 400Hz, 115Vac single phase is required to power up shipboard or airborne equipment, the CFS100 can do the job. With up to 38.6 A of current available (Model CFS140), most single phase input equipment can be powered up for repair or test purposes.


Model CFS108 CFS116 CFS140
Input Phase 1-phase / 2-wire + Ground
Input Voltage 115/230Vac ± 10% 208V or 230Vac ± 10%
Power Rating 800VA 1600VA 4000VA
Max Arms 150V Range 9.2 A 18.4 A 36.8 A
Max Arms 300V Range 4.6 A 9.2 A 18.4 A
Phase 1-phase / 2-wire + Ground
Voltage Low Range 5-150V
High Range 5-300V
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy ± (0.2% of setting+0.3V)
Frequency Range 40 – 500Hz
Resolution 0.1Hz
Accuracy ± 0.1Hz
Harmonic Distortion ≤ 1.0% (Resistive Load)
Crest Factor ≥ 3 to 1
Load Regulation ±(1.0% + 1.0V) (Resistive Load)
Power Rating 400 W 800 W 2000 W
Max Adc 200V Range 4.6 Adc 9.2 Adc 18.4 Adc
Max Adc 400V Range 2.3 Adc 4.6 Adc 9.2 Adc
Voltage Low Range 5-200 Vdc
High Range 5-400 Vdc
Accuracy Voltage ±(0.2$ setting + 0.3V)
Ripple & Noise Low Range < 450 mV < 500 mV < 900 mV
High Range < 700 mV < 800 mV < 1.5 V
Protection Over-Current, Over-Power, Short-Circuit, Over-Temperature
Operating Temperature 32°F – 104°F (0°C – 40°C), 80% Relative Humidity
Altitude Below 6500 feet
LCD Display Frequency, Voltage, Current, Power or Power Factor (simultaneously)
Memory (Standard) 50 Memories, 9 Steps per Memory for:
Voltage, Frequency, Current Limit, Test Limits
Calibration Front Panel Calibration
Interface Standard USB and RS232
Optional Ethernet (LAN)
Approvals CE Mark
Dimensions (In/mm) (W x H x D) 17″ x 3.5″ x 16″
432 x 89 x 406 mm
17″ x 3.5″ x 20″”
432 x 89 x 508 mm
17″ x 8.75″ x 20″
432 x 222 x 508 mm
Weight (kg/lbs) 19/42 30.8/68 64.8/143


AC Power Source
APS Model CFS108
AC Power Source
APS Model CFS116
AC Power Source
APS Model CFS140
AC Power Source
CFS108 Rear Panel View
AC Power Source
CFS116 Rear Panel View
CFS140 Rear Panel View


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