3A Series Modular AC Loads


The 3A Series modular AC loads allow multi-channel load systems to be configured with easy.

Modules are available for 60Vrms, 150Vrms or 300Vrms. This supports testing of low voltage AC products as well as those intended for use in 120Vac countries like the US or 230Vac geographies like Asia and Europe. All 3A Series modules support 300VA or 300W of dissipation and it is possible to parallel modules for higher load requirements. Mainframes in the 3A Series can accommodate 1 or 4 modules with a maximum 1200VA of AC load capability. Load can also be used for DC applications.

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The Adaptive Power 3A Series of Programmable AC & DC Electronic Load Modules are ideally suited for testing AC products such as UPS, DC/AC inverters and AC power supplies. These loads not only handle sinusoidal AC input voltage but also non-sinusoidal voltages and highly distorted waveforms as often found on UPS outputs or inexpensive DC/AC inverters.

The high power density of the 3A Series allows up to four loads to be installed in a single 19″ wide rack-mount mainframe. For lesser demands, a single slot mainframe is available as well.

The 3A Series consists of a total of three different modules providing a variation of possible voltages choices.


Single Channel Modules
MODELDESCRIPTIONMax Power (W or VA)Max Voltage (Vrms)Max Current (ARMS)
3A060-20AC&DC Electronic Load Module3006020
3A150-08AC&DC Electronic Load Module3001508
3A300-04AC&DC Electronic Load Module3003004
34M01AC Load Mainframe, 1 ModuleRS232
34M01-01AC Load Mainframe, 1 Module w/ GPIBGPIB + RS232
34M04AC Load Mainframe, 4 ModulesRS232
34M04-01AC Load Mainframe, 4 Modules w/ GPIBGPIB + RS232


  • Max. Power 300VA or 300W per Module
  • Both AC and DC operating modes
  • Voltage Range Choices, 60, 150 or 300Vac
  • Sine, Square and Step Sine Support
  • Up to 4 AC Load Inputs per Mainframe
  • Parallel Modules to 1200VA
  • Synchronized Operation of Multiple Loads
  • High-Speed 4½  Digit Precision Metering Capability
  • Operating Modes: Constant Current (CC), Linear Constant Current (LCC), Constant Resistance (CR) and Crest Factor (CF) control
  • Leading and Lagging Power Factor (PF)
  • 150 Sets of Store/Recall Memory
  • Go/NoGo Limit Test Mode
  • AC Current Monitor Output Signal
  • RS232 and GPIB Interfaces
  • CE Mark


Load Versatility

All ASP 3A Series Loads are equipped with a powerful microcontroller and user friendly controls to provide capabilities that cover a wide range of load applications. Built in metering of Voltage, Current, Power and Resistance standard. With its ability to operate in both AC or DC mode, the 3A Series provides great versatility for any lab or test floor.

AC Power Source Testing (AC Mode)

With its ability to simulate various power factor and crest factor AC load conditions, the APS 3A Series is an excellent real-world test solution for AC Power Sources and any other DC/AC inverter or AC/AC converter product. With up to four AC load channels per mainframe, high speed testing of AC products can be accommodated with four units being tested simultaneously, achieving significant test throughput in high voltage production environments.

DC Inverter Supply Design (AC Mode)

With built-in features like over current protection (OPC) test and over power protection (OPP) test and dynamic constant current waveform testing, new power supply designs can be thoroughly evaluated against design specifications. An analog input mode allows arbitrary current waveforms to be applied to a unit under test as well.

Battery Charge/Discharge Testing (DC Mode)

Using the DC load mode, specific discharge current levels can be set as a function of battery voltage. This allows characterization and performance testing of various battery chemistries. AC/DC supplies and inverters can be tested in DC mode as well.


Single Channel Modules
Model 3A060-20 3A150-08 3A300-04
Power Ranges 0 – 300 VA 0 – 300 VA 0 – 300 VA
Current Ranges 0 -10 Arms 10 -20 Arms 0 – 4 Arms 4 – 8 Arms 0 – 2 Arms 2 – 4 Arms
Voltage Ranges 10 – 60 Vrms/Vdc 15 – 150 Vrms/Vdc 30 – 300 Vrms/Vdc
Frequency DC, 40 – 400Hz (CC Mode) / DC – 400Hz (LIN,CR Mode)
OPERATING MODES Constant Current (CC), Linear CC (LCC), Constant Resistance (CR), CREST FACTOR (CF) (in CC Mode only)
PROTECTION Over Power (OP), Over Current (OC), Over Voltage (OV), Over Temperature (OT))
Lagging PF CF: √2 to 3.5 . PF: – 0.30 to -0.85
Leading PF CF: √2 to 3.5 . PF: + 0.30 to +0.85 or 1.00
Voltage Range 0 – 60 V 0 – 150 V 0 – 300 V
Current Range 0 – 20 A 0 – 8 A 0 – 4 A
Power Range 0 – 300 W
VA Range 0 – 300 W
Current Monitor 5 A/V 2 A/V 1 A/V
Dimensions (HxWxD) 143 x 108 x 405 mm / 5.6″ x 4.25″ x 15.9″
Weight (Net, Module) 3.5kg / 7.7 lbs
Mainframe 34M01 34M01-01 34M04 34M04-01
No. of Slots 1 1 4 4
Supports 3A060-20, 3A150-08, 3A300-04
Max Power 300 VA 1200 VA
Remote Interface RS232 RS232 + GPIB RS232 RS232 + GPIB
AC Input 100-115Vac ±10% or 200-230Vac ±10%
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz ±3Hz
Max Power Consumption 40 W 100 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 150 x 177 x 445 mm
5.9 x 7.0 x 17.5″
440 x 177 x 445 mm
17.3 x 7.0 x 17.5″
Weight 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs 9.3 kg / 20.5 lbs


AC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
APS Model 3A06-20
DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
APS 34M04 & 34M01 AC Load Mainframes


Documentation, Technical and Application Assistance

Adaptive Power Systems’ seasoned sales and service team is here to help via email or a simple call.

You can also register to Access Our Online Technical Resources to download user manuals.


All 3A Series loads are supported by the APS AC&DC Load Control windows software.

Key Features:

  • Control all Load Settings and Functions
  • Supports 2 or 3 Phase Modes
  • Retrieve, Display and Store Measurement Data
  • Strip Chart display of all Load Measurements
  • Supports all APS AC Load Models
  • Save Setups for Quick Recall
  • Create, Save, Edit and Execute Auto Test Sequences
  • Develop Test Sequences Off-Line for later use
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Compatible
  • Multi-threaded Data Collection to Tab Delimited Text Files
  • Supports USB,  RS232, GPIB and LAN Interfaces
  • Built-in Simulation Mode
  • Simulation Mode Includes AC Sources

Sample GUI Screens:

DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
AC Load Main Control Screen
DC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
DC Load Data Logging Screen
AC Loads, Electronic Loads, Programmable Loads
Crest Factor & Power Factory Library
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