LED Load Module

New CFS Series AC & DC Power Sources

Now available! Programmable, single and three phase models. 

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Adaptive Power Systems offers a wide range of programmable AC Sources, DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads. With local sales, support and service centers around the world, we are ready to serve your power test needs. Our customers always come first!

AC Frequency ChangersHIGH POWER AC


Find out how affordable it can be to configure AC
power test systems for your product test needs
using APS Frequency Changers. Available in
single or three phase output modes to
power levels of 120KVA.

1, 2 AND 3 PHASE


New CFS Series

The NEW CFS300 Series offers programmable single, split and three phase AC output power as well as DC output mode. Versatile, easy to use, find out more...


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The high demands placed on large battery packs for hybrid and full electric vehicles requires the use of an advanced electronic DC load. The APS 5VP Series of hihg-power, programmable DC load addressed the growing for high speed dynamic transient load testing of large batteries. Supporting five different built-in battery test profile modes and with power levels up to 60KW per chasis, the 5VP is unmatched for these applications. Battery testing to 1000Vdc is supported.
High Power DC Loads

AC Sources & Frequency Converters

AC SourcesAdaptive Power AC Power Sources and Solid State Frequency Converters provide frequencies and voltages found around the world and in military avionics/shipboard applications. The AC/AC converters will accept multiple frequency and voltage inputs, offer fully adjustable output frequency and a very broad adjustable voltage range that permits the duplication of worldwide utility configurations. APS CFS Series models expand usability by offering both AC and DC output modes. The APS range is available in power levels from 500 VA to 180 kVA and high power models can be paralleled to 750 kVA if needed.
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DC Power Supplies

DC Power SuppliesFor DC power requirements, we offer a broad range of highly efficient and compact programmable DC power supplies for bench or rack mount use ranging from 3000 Watts to 100’s of kW. A wide selection of power levels and voltage ranges from 15Vdc to 1500Vdc to choose from ensures optimal solutions at very affordable prices.
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Electronic Loads

Electronic LoadsAdaptive Power Systems offers and extensive line of programmable electronic loads for DC and AC load applications in R&D, ATE and Production. Our loads offer leading edge features and capabilities for a wide range of voltage, current and power needs. Available in power levels starting at 150W all the way to100’s kW. Easy front panel operation and GPIB, USB and LAN interfaces support both Lab and ATE
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Windows SoftwareAdaptive Power Systems offers several Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 compatible Graphical User Interface (GUI) software programs to control its power test equipment products.  This includes DC power supplies, DC loads and AC loads. 
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